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MERX is a modern factory with high-tech equipment from Germany, Italy and Austria. Home furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture and furniture for HoReCa and shops are all produced with the facilities of the factory.

We work with solid and durable wood like alder and ash-tree, which is prepared for work carefully in drying kilns.

Italian and Swiss manufacturers produce coating materials we use for our furniture. They are certified by international standards and safe for household use.

Due to advanced technologies, our countertops workshop operates such a heavy-duty and difficult to process materials as quartz.

Quartz countertops cannot be scratched, they do not absorb odors and liquids, and they are heat-resistant and resistant to acids and solvents.

The peculiarity of our production is kitchens conveyor assembly. It is considered more efficient and reliable compared to a manual. It allows eliminating mistakes and errors possible in manual assembly, resulting into extending life of your kitchen.

Roll paint application is another advantage of our production. This method is more efficient in comparison to manual, as it allows applying paint to the finished product perfectly evenly, with no stains.

Kitchens. Today we offer 44 unique models performed in classic, modern and even neoclassic style. Rich color palette includes over 80 hues, among which you can find both restrained pastels and bright saturated colors like “ruby”, “mint”, “magenta” and many others, that will please even the most demanding buyers. In addition, our kitchens possess with a variety of materials (wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.).

Bathrooms. Fourteen bright models, each of them a unique, original and exclusive art object, prove that even a bathroom can become an independent element of the interior!