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MERX furniture is high quality and reliability, proven over the years. High-tech production certified in accordance with ISO standards implies working with only reliable international manufacturers of accessories, components and appliances.

We work with natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, which is why MERX guarantees:

Facades are made of natural wood, which is dried and prepared for exploitation according to all the regulations and standards (to minimize cracking). All ornaments, carving and decorative elements of the facades are all handmade in tribute to the highest standards of furniture production and are therefore characterized by incredible beauty.

Framework is made of premium particleboard (E1 class), which is not harmful to health, has low formaldehyde emission and is recommended for use in manufacturing of children’s furniture.
Safe coating materials by Italian and Swiss producers certified for household use.

Functional countertops. Our countertops are made of a heavy-duty material – quartz. Thus, it is impossible to scratch it, they do not absorb odors and liquids, they are heat-resistant and resistant to acids and solvents. In addition, our company offers countertops made of other high-quality materials, such as acrylic and postforming.

Fittings and components produced by Austrian (Blum) and German (Vauth-Sagel) manufacturers, thanks to which MERX furniture provides you with following advantages:

  • Minimum noise. Our drawers and sliding baskets are equipped with built-in closers for silent exploitation of furniture.
  • Minimum efforts. We use AVENTOS lifting mechanisms and BLUMOTION integrated shock absorbers. These elements make it easy to open and as easily and silently close. Even the heaviest facades.
  • One touch. Facades without handles are equipped with SERVO-DRIVE electric opening system. Thanks to the system, it opens gently with only a slight touch to the facade.
  • More space. CLIP top hinges used in cupboards provide an easy access to its contents. Besides, these hinges allow installing facades of different height, width and thickness. They are perfectly compatible with fragile materials like glass etc
  • Water resistance. Pallets in modules under the sink are made of aluminum that protects furniture from negative impact of water and moisture.
  • Safety. We use secure locking system that holds the glass safely and firmly, in all facades with stained glass.
  • Durability. All the particleboard and glass shelves are mounted on special strong shelf supports (therefore, height of all shelves can be adjusted independently).